CSS is very important to understand when it comes to styling your website or application. Understanding the fundamentals of CSS will make your life easier when trying to come up with a design/layout. One of the important properties to learn about in CSS that we will be briefly talking about in this post is CSS positions!

So there are five different CSS positions. We have position relative, absolute, fixed, static, and sticky. We will go ahead a dive into explaining the differences for each one and how they layout differently on the page.

First, we will go ahead and explain…

Designing Responsive website is the being able to create websites that are allowed to work on multiple devices, large or small, Mobile, or desktop. It is creating one design that will automatically change itself based on the screen size of the mobile device.Having responsive Web designs make your web pages look good on any and all devices. Responsive websites use CSS3 media-queries and HTML5, also there are JavaScript based solutions.

Responsive web design helps by:

  • saving time and money,we don’t have to have different websites for desktops and mobile phones.
  • good for your website’s search rankings since we will be…

Mongoose is an Object Data Modeling library for MongoDB and Node.js. It helps to manage relationships between data, provides schema validations, and is used to translate between objects in code and the representation of those objects in MongoDB. MongooseJS makes using MongoDB easier by translating documents in a MongoDB database to objects in the program (its a Object Document Mapper).

There are a couple of advantages using Mongoose over just MongoDB. One being that MongooseJS gives us an abstraction layer on top of MongoDB that removes the necessity to use named collections. Models in Mongoose do most of the work…

Like we talked about in my last blog post MongoDB is a NoSQL, schema-less database that mainly works using documents and collections. MongoDB can store documents in JSON format and can have many different structures.

relational databases implements data unification unliked in MongoDB there are no relationships between documents, there are independent. There are some ways to model relationships between documents.

Based on the one-to-many relationship mentioned in this scenario, let’s explore the possible approaches to modeling relationships in MongoDB.

Method 1- “Normalization”

one-to-many relationship


let Card = {
}let user: {

here the user object…

Currently in the internship i’m doing I was given a task which involved me taking a look at their Backend for their application. I noticed It was completely different from what I learned at my bootcamp. They were using MongoDB. I had to learn this in so little time to get my task done on time. So this is an introduction to MongoDB.

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database. It is a document-based database management system. which supports a storage format known as binary JSON. It is a list of key- value pairs which can be three types, a…

I am currently an intern at a Company as a software developer. This company uses React, React-redux, typescript, and mongoDB for their applications. While going through their components I notice that they seemed to be using underscore everywhere in their application. I didn't pay much attention to it, didn't think it was really important until I was given a task to work on, which was fixing a bug they had on the site. I was able to fix the bug but by using plain javascript, when I went to present my work the software engineer at the company explained that…

In React passing props to another component is very simple. As an intern at a company that uses typescript with React I am constantly learning new things about typescript. While working on a task I was assigned, I had to create a few functions that I had to pass down to another component. When I called on tat prop in my component I kept receiving a strange error I didn't understand :


In my last blog I talked about Types in Typescript, we can also write out functions using typescript. Down here i’m going to write out a simple function for addition in plain javascript.

function add(n1,n2){
return n1+n2;
//Here are two number variablesconst number1=10
const number2=5
const result=add(number1,number2)
console.log(result)//we get the result of 15

so in the function above all we did was use the number1 and number2 variables and used them as the arguments for the add function and got the output of 15 as a result. But lets say for some reason this happened:

function add(n1,n2){
return n1+n2;

Now it’s time to use typescript! like I mentioned in my previous blog Typescript is very easy to learn and use, mostly if you have knowledge of basic javascript, I will be giving a small tutorial using typescript.

Getting started

To being we should first go ahead to their website(https://www.typescriptlang.org/) and obtain the latest version of typescript to our computer.

W can also instal typescript using the Npm command:

npm install -g typescript

After this is finished installing we are now ready to use typescript!

Now we can go ahead and create a file using .ts at the end. For example I…

TypeScript is an open-source language and compiler which builds on JavaScript, it takes the javascript language and adds new features to it. It is a different and new way for us to write out our javascript code and makes it easier ! TypeScript code is not executed by javascript environments like the browsers. When the code is written in TypeScript it is then compiled and translated into JavaScript which then helps browsers to read the code and for it to be displayed.

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